About Us

We are the product of the imagination of a group of like minded people who have been part of the electricals trading industry for more than two decades and seen it evolve over the years.
Marici – the Boddhisatva popularly referred to as the “Woman endowed with the rays of light” – guides our philosophy. We pay tribute to the Queen of Heavens, both in the products we use and in our design process – by attempting to achieve the “perfect balance” of form and functionality – and also reducing our footprint on the environment. As the Goddess of Light, Marici evokes a passion for the mastery of oneself – in the same way we continue to improve ourselves. Marici stands for beauty, strength and spiritualism and these are aspects we wish to reflect in our work.
We identified the need for a place to showcase innovative lighting concepts integrated deeply with lighting controls.Our aim was to create a space to show different lighting applications and how light can add value in these different scenarios.


Lighting to make living easy

Be it your home or office space. We light it up the best way possible.